InfoSystems Launches New Cybersecurity Business Line - InfoSystems Protect

InfoSystems Launches New Cybersecurity Business Line - InfoSystems Protect

Longstanding Chattanooga IT Company Launches New Cybersecurity Business Line: InfoSystems Protect


InfoSystems expands service offerings to address much-needed Cybersecurity to Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville and surrounding areas

Chattanooga, Tennessee (July 30, 2019) - InfoSystems, a Chattanooga IT company celebrating 25 years in business, recently launched a new business line called InfoSystems Protect. Through this new line, the company has expanded its offerings to provide extensive cybersecurity solutions to meet the growing demand in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville and surrounding areas.

"We are seeing Cybersecurity breaches, especially ransomware attacks, happen on a regular basis right here in Chattanooga," said Fred Cobb, Chief Information Security Officer at InfoSystems. "You don't hear about all cyber attacks in the local news because companies are sometimes careful to keep that information internal to the organization. If word got out, in certain cases, it could potentially damage a company's reputation, which could lead to even more financial harm."

According to Cobb, many companies feel they are immune to or are simply not a target for cyber attacks.

"Because of the 'why would someone want to target me' mindset, there exists a false sense of security," Cobb said. "Smaller companies tend to see their business technology as less complex than large companies, and feel they are less likely to be targeted or are less vulnerable to attacks. This is simply not true."

The new InfoSystems Protect business line will offer both technology and training to help protect companies against cyber-attacks. InfoSystems has worked over the last year to hire a team of cybersecurity engineers and consultants led by Cobb. Customers will be able to sign up for a monthly service that includes cybersecurity tools, services, and training. They can also purchase and implement specific technologies individually, and they can book the InfoSystems cybersecurity team for consulting engagements.

"The goal was to make cybersecurity as easy as possible for our customers," said Cobb. "We understand how scary and overwhelming cybersecurity can be for a business owner. Ultimately, we feel like it's our mission and responsibility as Chattanooga's top IT company to keep our friends and neighbors safe by educating their employees, assisting them with technology

implementation, or managing their business technology for them. It is also important to note that cyber security measures do not have to come with a big price tag to implement. We help customers mitigate serious gaps in their cyber security and apply the right balance within the IT budget to make strong cyber security a reality."

Because the team at InfoSystems understands that many individuals may not know how to begin the process of evaluating their current cybersecurity risk, InfoSystems is offering free consultations, called a Cybersecurity Assessment, that can be booked online or by calling (423) 697-9500. InfoSystems is also working with CO.LAB and Society of Work, both tenants at the Edney Building, to offer free consultations on-site at the Edney. Details will be added soon to the CO.LAB website at https://colab.co/office-hours/.

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About InfoSystems:
Since our founding in 1994, InfoSystems has stayed current with technology, invested heavily in hiring and training top talent, and established strong service offerings. We can provide ongoing technology support, or we can provide support on an as-needed basis. Our service models are designed for extensive customization. The InfoSystems team can create specific solutions to meet any business demand.