A Year’s Worth of Gratitude from InfoSystems’ CEO, Scott Davis

A Year’s Worth of Gratitude from InfoSystems’ CEO, Scott Davis

Dear friends,

As we approach the holiday season, we reflect on what the past year has brought. Last Thanksgiving presented numerous unforeseen challenges, many of which you may have faced — tough decisions about the safety of family and friends, navigating the cancellation of treasured traditions, or coordinating socially distanced meals.

That’s why we’re filled with gratitude as we enter this season a year later, with a little less uncertainty and a little more excitement. 

At InfoSystems, we have been thrilled to enjoy camaraderie with our clients, business partners, and each other. After so much time spent apart, we are relishing in the simple joy of reconnecting, and we hope you are, too. We’re thankful to those of you who we’ve been able to spend time with at conferences, fun events at Bridgestone Arena, and even those of you we’ve only seen on a video screen. (We hope to see you in person in the coming months, too.)

Overall, we’re grateful that you’ve trusted us. During a year when needs evolved and new developments necessitated rapid shifts to entire operational structures inside of organizations, you leaned on us for help. Throughout the pandemic experience, our commitment has been to keep our entire community — our customers, our employees, our vendors, and all the individuals they serve — safe, productive, and thriving. We hope that’s a sentiment you’ve felt alongside us.

So with that, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and continued happiness throughout the holiday season. Wherever you go, whatever form your celebrations take, we hope you feel a renewed sense of optimism for the year to come.


Scott Davis

CEO, InfoSystems

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