What Is an MSP (Managed Services Provider)?

What Is an MSP (Managed Services Provider)?

3 Ways Managed IT Services Improve Business Operations

More and more businesses are seeing the value of IT managed services, a fact which is reflected in its market growth. The global market for managed IT services reached $149.1 billion in 2016 and $166.7 billion in 2017. This growth is projected to continue at an annual rate of 11.5% through 2021.

While this statistic helps build the business case for managed services, understanding exactly how these services contribute to the bottom line reinforces the value. In this blog, we'll explore 3 ways that managed services help businesses improve and streamline their operations.

1. Free IT Staff to Focus on Core Objectives

Within many businesses and organizations, internal IT staff is spread thin between ongoing maintenance and new projects or initiatives. If the IT staff is busy managing the help desk and maintaining applications, there is little time left for the initiatives that will move your business forward.

Managed services can help by taking over tasks such as routine maintenance and issue resolution. This frees your own IT resources to focus on more business-oriented activities, such as finding new ways to advance business goals with technology or improving system performance.

2. No Single-Point Dependencies

Companies frequently struggle with IT staff issues like single-point dependencies. For example, a midsized company may have just one database expert on staff. If the expert is ever on vacation or out sick and there is an issue, it could be days or even weeks before someone is available to address it.

Managed services offer a way to offset staffing shortages if in-house experts are unavailable. InfoSystems' technicians can provide coverage when needed.

3. Predictable IT Costs

If you purchase and maintain your own technology, you know how hard it is to predict costs and budget for the future. Just finding room in the CapEx budget to replace aging infrastructure is a challenge by itself, let alone planning for upgrades and new capabilities.

With managed IT services and accompanying vCIO service, you can transform unpredictable and expensive technology costs into fixed and manageable costs. In other words, you can purchase your technology in the same way you buy other utilities.

Then, you can use our vCIO service to plan and build for the future. We'll help you bring your technology and business goals into alignment with each other.


Choosing the Right Managed Services Partner

You have a lot of choices in the realm of managed service providers, from well-known hyperscale providers, such as AWS or Azure, to local and more personalized providers, like InfoSystems. The level of service and personal attention differs from provider to provider.

Some managed services providers don't go beyond installing an antivirus and monitoring agent. There are no IT service technicians or vCIO on staff at these types of companies. Inherently, help desk issues and service ticket remediation are outsourced to a third party.


The InfoSystems Difference

We are very proud of our white-glove customer service approach. The managed service tools we install are tied to our customer service software, which automatically sends alerts and creates tickets for our own technicians to resolve. Our technicians also actively manage our customers' environments. Furthermore, Managed Services customers are paired with vCIO consulting to ensure that they receive senior-level guidance and support.

If you need help with a service issue, you'll work with someone who understands your IT environment and your objectives, instead of speaking with a third-party technician who has no connection with your business.

Our goal is to work with our customers as business partners. We collaborate with you to choose the best technology to help your business reach its goals and the best time to invest for maximum returns. In essence, we'll help you plan and prepare for future investments so you only purchase technology when it makes sense for your business.

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