Video: Drive Your Business into the 21st Century with InfoSystems & Red Hat OpenShift

Video: Drive Your Business into the 21st Century with InfoSystems & Red Hat OpenShift

The flexibility of Red Hat OpenShift starts with where you deploy it. Is your organization operating on premise, in the cloud or at the edge? Who manages and supports it? And do you have a plan to make it more available? While there are many different answers and solutions to address these questions, they aren't always readily available for organizations. Red Hat OpenShift is ready to deploy in any environment, wherever your workloads live, and optimizes environments that run on IBM Storage. Red Hat OpenShift offers automated installation, upgrades and lifecycle management throughout the container stack — the operating system, Kubernetes and cluster services, and applications — truly on any cloud.

How Red Hat Openshift & InfoSystems are Bringing the Cloud to You

IBM Storage unifies traditional and container-ready storage, and provides cloud-native agility with the reliability, availability, and security to manage enterprise containers in production. Through integration with the automation capabilities of Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Paks, IBM enables IT infrastructure and operations to improve developer speed and productivity, while delivering data reduction, disaster recovery, and data availability with enterprise storage.

IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift is a comprehensive, container-ready solution that includes all of the elements and expertise needed for implementing the technologies that are driving business in the twenty-first century.

To learn more about Red Hat OpenShift and how it can help you simply cloud management, listen to our quick, 15-minute Q4 20 podcast, presented by Keith Hales, COO at InfoSystems, and Chris Gilbert, Channel Manager at IBM.

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