The Power of Automation: How to Transform Your Business in Just One Year

The Power of Automation: How to Transform Your Business in Just One Year

InfoSystems, and our partner, Red Hat, deliver powerful IT automation services with the Ansible Automation platform. Ansible makes it easy for organizations to reduce costs, improve workflows, and scale.

The demands organizations place on their IT environments are growing in complexity and scale. Troves of data need to be stored, transmitted and analyzed. Intricate systems must be maintained and protected. Sophisticated platforms require training and integration. If an organization’s processes are not efficient and effective, it causes bottlenecks and miscalculations. To eliminate costly delays, organizations should consider utilizing process automation.

Below, we outline the benefits your organization can begin to experience in the first year of implementation.

Restore Clarity

Restoring clarity to your processes is one of the immediate benefits to expect. Since it is critical to understand the tasks involved in a process and know who is responsible for completing them, developing a process map brings insight and distinguishes how a process functions now and how it needs to work in the future. Restoring clarity leads to greater collaboration across teams and fosters a sense of purpose and drive.

Increase Accountability

With automation enabled, accountability improves across the company, which leads to faster turnaround times, open communication and a unified focus. Standardized outcomes are delivered consistently, improving customer relationships and strengthening bonds both internally and externally. Additionally, compliance records are readily available, since business processes are recorded and monitored. Better accountability enables teams to work confidently and remove confusion and delays.

Elevate Productivity

Companies that have not yet built automation into their workflows experience suboptimal productivity. The labor and management required to oversee repetitive tasks limits output and advances the risk of error. Sustaining such a system is expensive and can harm your bottom line. Customer experience suffers, and partners grow frustrated. Automation eliminates these kinds of adverse outcomes so employees can focus on other priorities. You’ll minimize human-error and have a foundation on which to grow.

Inform Decisions with Data

With Ansible, Automation Analytics—a SaaS capability that comes with your subscription—operations team members can analyze and aggregate data, and generate reports on the status of your automation deployments. You’ll start collecting data right away, and a ROI calculator can help advance your automation program by enabling teams to show the time and resources they’ve saved using automation. With data this powerful, your team will be able to better understand how projects perform and see their viability in action.  

Reduce Business Expenses

Executing repeatable tasks minimizes costs, powers efficiency and streamlines operations. In this way, organizations should consider automation as a turning point in their digital transformation journey. Taken as a whole, such transformation may seem abstract and out of reach, but process automation lets you start with single task repetition and apply it to sequences. As a result, you’ll recognize opportunities to reduce costs and be empowered to make decisions that lead to growth.

Standardize Security

Responding to security attacks manually is overwhelming and ineffective. But automation lets you integrate different security solutions to investigate and respond to threats across your organization in a coordinated, unified way. After all, security teams face a variety of multi-pronged threads as they work to protect infrastructure resources across multiple vendors. Automation provides a more efficient, streamlined base to automate security practices and bring together the different tools used in security activities.


Automation is designed to increase the amount and quality of work an organization can handle. This becomes critical when headcounts may be static but the workload must scale upward to accommodate offerings, customer demands and seasonal fluctuations. Remaining competitive, meanwhile, also demands scale, especially as other organizations in the same industry seek advantages by rolling out new customer experiences that are easily replicated using automated processes. The ability to scale operations with automation can increase the revenue per employee and, in the process, improve quality. When your organization’s workflows and performance are optimized, the results can be astounding.

Next Steps

Remember, your people are your competitive advantage, and they can’t focus on the future when they’re overburdened with manually updating, integrating data and maintaining compliance.

Automation can help you make the most of new technology, allowing your teams to realize their full potential.

Contact InfoSystems today to learn more about introducing Ansible to your IT environments. Our dedicated team of trusted experts is here to provide you with the guidance and automation expertise you need to transform your business in one year.

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