Collaboration fuels productivity, and communication is a necessity in today’s hyper-connected world. But with so many solutions available, finding the one that suits your business needs is complicated.

Telephony & Collaborative Business Systems

Organizations must be able to constantly communicate with customers if they want to succeed in today’s hyper-connected culture – and the business communication software organizations use plays an outsized role in your success. But finding the solution that suits your business needs is complicated. There are hundreds of providers that offer a range of services and determining which is the best fit can be a time-consuming, complicated process.

Understanding your specific requirements is the first important step in finding the ideal communications platform. Many organizations have employees working in remote environments, which requires a unified system that connects team members with customers in dynamic ways. Other businesses serve customers in call center environments and need on-site services that route information directly to networks. Regardless of how and where you conduct business, the key factors are speed, security and the ability to collaborate.

Collaboration fuels productivity. When telephony and software are optimized, tasks are completed with ease and data can be assessed and accessed from anywhere. But if your communications system is under-optimized or outdated, customer service suffers, team members struggle to maintain and transmit records, and security can become compromised. That slows growth, builds frustration and can harm your business reputation.

Cloud business phone systems, such as Mitel, provide hosted voice, unified communications and collaboration opportunities for modern organizations of all sizes. Utilizing an innovative communications system based in the cloud enables companies to scale while keeping costs down and securing customer and internal data. Modern on-site communications are equally powerful. They speed up processes, stay reliable longer and present a full suite of digital communications capabilities that businesses need to stay connected. Integrating all of these features with your network is critical. Organizations must have a clear understanding of processes to map out a software solution that supports business goals.

InfoSystems works to understand your specific requirements and objectives. We provide a range of telephony and software solutions designed to increase productivity and efficiency:

  • Cloud business phone systems
  • On-site business phone systems
  • Integrations
  • Business communication applications
  • Training & support
  • Migration leadership

InfoSystems listens to the challenges your business faces and presents viable solutions for consideration. When the perfect modern telephony solution is selected, we guide your team through the installation, integration and launch process and can handle everything from troubleshooting to IT optimization. InfoSystems makes sure you are thoroughly trained and ready to hit the ground running so you can meet your business goals.