Prepare your IT Systems for Natural Disaster with This Checklist

Catastrophic weather events and natural disasters are sometimes unpredictable and sometimes imminent.

Regardless of whether you see them coming or not, these unfortunate events happen and the effects can be devastating. When devastating events are imminent, our first thoughts and responses naturally go to the protection of human lives. If at all possible, we must also give attention to the impact on our ability to return to our normal lives after a disaster.

For business leaders, this means making sure the business has the fewest possible barriers to resuming operations after an event. If employees can return to work, the financial impact on their personal lives can be minimized, allowing them to move on and attend to other pressing matters without the fear of joblessness or financial ruin. The good news is that the more you prepare, the greater the odds of reducing or eliminating the negative impact a catastrophic event has on your business and your employees.

Please use this free disaster preparedness checklist to make sure your IT systems are protected. If we may serve you in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out (423) 624-6551.

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