ITC S2, E13 - Value-Adds That vCISOs Can Deliver

ITC S2, E13 - Value-Adds That vCISOs Can Deliver
Aaron Swann - Virtual CIO, InfoSystems
Fred Cobb - EVP and CISO, InfoSystems

In this episode, Aaron and Fred discuss value-adds that vCISOs can deliver to organizations. From learning how to create and follow a secure password policy to the most critical security needs, learn how to address common cybersecurity concerns from our vCISO. 

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), whether virtual (vCISO) or not, can add value to any organization. The main role of a CISO is to establish security strategies and ensure data is protected. Much of the time, these professionals are helping organizations understand what security and data protection really means. Sometimes this includes "fixing the human" through security awareness training programs. These programs are designed to educate employees and leaders alike. Other times this means setting up security policies with organizations. These policies include anything from setting up multi-factor authentication for employees to implementing password policies.

Listen to the full episode for an in-depth look at the value-adds vCISOs can deliver. 

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