Solve Your Top 3 IT Challenges Pt. 1: How SMBs Address IT Skill Gaps

Keeping up with technology demands a lot of attention, work, and talent. SMBs could be at a disadvantage when it comes to finding and hiring IT talent. According to Reliant Funding's Small Business Report Summer 2017, finding skilled employees is a key concern for 35% of small business owners.

While it can be tough to find skilled IT talent, many SMBs have found creative ways to address their skill gaps. If you are one of the many business owners struggling to find and hire the right people, here are some alternative ways to meet your operational needs.

Staff Augmentation

Do you have an IT project planned in the next 18 months? Have you experienced unexpected attrition? Staff augmentation is a great way to fill temporary personnel gaps and implement project initiatives.

The flexibility of staff augmentation is attractive for many SMBs. When you hire temporary IT staff, you pay them only for the time they work. You're not responsible for recruitment, training, or benefits. With the help of flexible additional staff, you can accept jobs of any size. You can hire temporary staff on an as-needed basis to fulfill your own contracts to clients.

Staff augmentation is a good solution when you need to maintain direct control over a project. You can directly supervise and manage your temporary team to make sure your project stays on track. This is different from outsourcing, in which you rely upon external management resources.


Another way for SMBs to access IT talent is through outsourcing. IT security is a high priority for most business owners, but IT security talent is in short supply and comes at a high cost. In addition, most SMBs don't need the services of a full-time security team. Through outsourcing, SMBs can access the security they need without the cost of full-time, permanent resources

Outsourcing is a great way to distribute skilled IT resources. From a remote location, well-trained, certified, and experienced security experts can monitor and manage your IT infrastructure around-the-clock. You can outsource high-caliber expertise at a fraction of the cost of retaining the same expertise in-house.


A third way that SMBs solve the problem of talent gaps is maximizing their internal resources. Training programs help SMBs keep pace with technological change and make use of their existing IT staff.

You have already invested in your internal resources, and they have critical knowledge about your organization. Through training, you can increase the value and contributions of your own team.

The service providers that offer IT outsourcing and staff augmentation often have training programs available. Through these programs, your IT team can gain new skills, like hypervisor management, IoT development, productivity software use, and data analytics, and obtain certifications.

Although talent shortage is an area of concern for many SMBs, there are many technology-driven and affordable options. That's why increasing numbers of small business owners are using solutions like staff augmentation, outsourcing, and training to fill in their skill gaps.

These solutions do more than fill skill gaps, they:

- Enhance the skill set of your internal IT team

- Improve organizational flexibility

- Offer affordable scalability

With the help of temporary and outsourced staff, your organization can take on new projects of any size and scale to accommodate them. Through training programs, you can enhance the skills and talents that you already have within your organization.

In part 2, we will discuss the topic of IT security for SMBs and explore how they solve some of their toughest security challenges.

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