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How Does Malware Spread When an Employee Clicks on a Malicious Email?

How Does Malware Spread When an Employee Clicks on a Malicious Email?

Think phishing scams don’t pose a real threat to your business? Think again. In this conversation of IT Coach for Growing Businesses, InfoSystems’ vCIO, Aaron Swann, discusses the various ways malware can access an organization’s network through email phishing scams. The conversation provides concrete steps businesses can follow to prevent malware from entering networks and spreading to devices and servers.

The first step is understanding what malware is and how it compromises networks, computers and mobile devices. Swann explains the different techniques scammers employ to trick users into clicking malicious links, and the red flags to look out for and avoid. The second step is recognizing how malware spreads across networks and seeks to steal data and control. When this happens, businesses are left with few options and many times must pay the ransom to regain access to their data. 

Finally, Swann describes how InfoSystems uses KnowB4 Security Awareness Training to educate customers and prevent cyberattacks through a combination of technology and human training. Awareness activities and simulations the best defense against a persistent problem that continues to mature and harm businesses in very serious ways. Take a moment to listen for a better understanding of how to protect your business from malicious phishing attacks.   

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