Can IBM i Applications Be Moved to the Cloud?

Can IBM i Applications Be Moved to the Cloud?

Moving applications to the cloud is a sign of companies' increasing confidence in the technology. According to a report by technology solutions provider Accenture, 39% of IT leaders identify their companies as steady cloud migrators, meaning they are either in the process of moving applications to the cloud or planning a move in the near future.

As your organization moves more of your workloads to the cloud, you might be wondering what your options are for your IBM i applications. You might be surprised to find that there are several models − private, public, and hybrid cloud systems - all built specifically for IBM i.

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The Perils of Moving Applications to the Cloud

Not all applications are compatible with the cloud. Applications need specific bandwidth and input/output (I/O) rates to achieve optimal performance. If these requirements aren't met, the user experience suffers. In the worst-case scenario, your business moves an application to the cloud only to discover it doesn't function. Your business can't afford to go without your mission-critical IBM i applications.

In the Accenture study mentioned earlier, 82% of the respondents cited application integration as a top challenge to cloud migration. Applications running in the cloud need to be in sync with on-premises applications for your business to operate smoothly.

Cloud Model Options

Fortunately for Series i users, IBM offers the full range of cloud models. By turning to IBM cloud solutions, your business can be confident that your IBM i applications will function properly and generate valuable results.

Here are the IBM cloud solutions:

APSU IBM i Cloud:

APSU is a technology pioneer delivering cloud-based services in the IBM mid-range market before any other company.

With the continued and accelerating move to cloud computing, notably IaaS and SaaS, APSU is focused on providing a managed services-led solution for its IBM i cloud platform. InfoSystems is an accredited IBM Power i Partner and APSU Partner, and provides a complete service, offering clients turnkey, production, test, and High Availability solutions for all their cloud requirements.

Bluemix for Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid cloud lends flexibility. Production environments can be placed on-premises, while backup and recovery for your applications can be handled in the public cloud. The public part of the hybrid cloud environment can also be used as a development and testing environment for applications.

SoftLayer for Public Cloud:

The public cloud provides resources on demand at an affordable rate. A multi-tenant environment enables collaboration between team members for better innovation. IBM SoftLayer offers both virtual and bare metal options with datacenters available all over the world.

OpenStack for Private Cloud:

The private cloud offers greater security and control for applications that handle sensitive data. With OpenStack, IBM i users gain access to all the tools they need for managing storage, compute, and networking in the cloud.

Choosing Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS accommodates the entire application lifecycle from development, testing, and implementation through updates. Not only that, but PaaS provides all the application layers − from the OS layer down to the infrastructure layer. The platform includes application performance monitoring tools (APM) so you can be sure you are making the most of your IBM i applications. For a flat monthly fee, your business can access the platform and the hosted IBM i applications.

IBM Bluemix provides hybrid cloud PaaS that enables companies to scale in and out to accommodate dynamic applications with changing workloads. Bluemix is built on the SoftLayer infrastructure so IBM i clients have access to SoftLayer API and IBM middleware along with the performance and capacity levels of IBM POWER servers.

Getting a Boost Up to the Cloud

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) stresses that choosing the right cloud service provider (CSP) can make all the difference during a company's migration to the cloud. Their research shows that one-third of IT leaders wish they had gotten more support from their CSP during the migration process. Out of all respondents, 38% described the complexity of their migration as difficult.

As an IBM Business Partner, InfoSystems can guide your company through your cloud options for IBM i. We perform cloud readiness assessments so you can feel confident about whether moving applications to the cloud is right for your business. If you choose to move forward, we can ease you through the process.