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Backups: A One on One Chat With Cobalt Iron

Backups: A One on One Chat With Cobalt Iron

Keith Hales - COO, InfoSystems

Doug Chando - Partner Technical Advocate, Cobalt Iron

Join us for a one on one chat with Cobalt Iron. Keith and Doug discuss the basics of backing up your information, the different models of Backups, and those that would benefit from backup conversations today.

Numbers of organizations have no idea where to start when it comes to data backup and security. There are, many times, stringent requirements and organizational struggles that make picking the right solution difficult. Compass analytics and automation can reduce daily backup tasks by up to 80%, as well as provide the last line of defense against cyber threats and ransomware.

Listen to this one on one discussion and discover how Cobalt Iron Compass can improve your organization today. 

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