Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

As the potential of AI grows every day, so does corporate pressure to utilize it. To take advantage of artificial intelligence, you have to move beyond the idea and put plans into action. Find out how to scale the impact of AI across your business for maximum value with the team of experts at InfoSystems.

Artificial Intelligence with IBM Watson

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps enterprises improve the core tenets of their business, including customer interaction, data transmission and storage, as well as task automation. It is proven to accelerate computational capabilities and reduce costs.

AI removes bottlenecks and roadblocks. It streamlines workflows and helps organizations scale. Repetitive tasks are performed with ease. Laborious administrative responsibilities, such as transferring data from email and call center systems, can be automated. With AI, the speed at which reading and inputting text information into systems is accelerated. Updating customer information so essential records remain current and accessible is optimized. All of this results in more time for managers to focus on other priorities, while overhead and human error are reduced.

AI’s cognitive insight can analyze and interpret data in powerful ways. Large volumes of data can be organized and parsed to power decision-making and analysis. Understanding this data helps predict patterns and identify risks. Many organizations rely on AI’s cognitive insight to present featured offers or advertising to customers based on patterns. Others use it to protect against fraud, cybersecurity attacks, or other behavior that can jeopardize business operations and objectives.

Enterprises can utilize AI’s cognitive engagement capabilities in many employee-to-employee and customer-facing situations. Whether it is a 24/7 customer service agent that speaks in the customer’s natural language, internal systems that answer human resource or training questions, or website chatbots that input and resolve basic customer queries, AI broadens an enterprise’s ability to meet business demands in useful and personalized ways.

AI also empowers IT leaders to build better processes. Teams across the organization can execute desired outcomes consistently. It is developed to understand more about your business needs over time, therefore maximizing its contribution to goals and multiplying its ROI.

InfoSystems, an IBM Platinum Business Partner, utilizes IBM Watson, a sophisticated process system that improves reporting, provides question-and-answer services and enhances productivity. With a strategic AI focus, InfoSystems’ IBM Watson-certified team is capable of integrating AI into your most important business processes. From chatbots infused with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text-to-speech/speech-to-text tools to visual recognition coupled with machine learning, InfoSystems can help you along your journey to fully enveloped, AI-enabled organization.

When an enterprise harnesses artificial intelligence, anything is possible. Contact InfoSystems today to learn how artificial intelligence can optimize your processes and help you reach your business goals.