3 reasons a top ISV built on the IBM Public Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift

3 reasons a top ISV built on the IBM Public Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift

This post originally appeared on the IBM Business Partners Blog on February 1, 2021.

The next chapter of the digital reinvention has begun for businesses and this calls for an open, flexible technology to manage hybrid environments—open meaning more options, more flexibility to adapt quickly to changing business needs, and interoperability that has never before been possible. This is where Red Hat OpenShift enters the arena. RedHat OpenShift is proving to be the open architecture that IBM Build Business Partners require to run workloads in any environment and build on IBM Cloud capabilities.

Liferay, Inc., a market-leading company that makes software designed to help companies create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices, recently announced their intention to onboard their flagship product, Liferay Digital Experience solution to the IBM Cloud for Financial Services.

Liferay’s decision was based on three key reasons:

Build once, deploy anywhere

Using Red Hat OpenShift meant that Liferay could build once and deploy anywhere—with no need to re-engineer their existing containerized cloud platform. OpenShift helps Liferay deliver a platform for their clients that takes advantage of application containerization and orchestration capabilities—without worrying about the details that are involved with Kubernetes administration and operations.

Industry specific

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help institutions safely migrate their sensitive operations to a public cloud model. They can also take advantage of cloud-native technologies from IBM’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Software-as-a-Service partners. Liferay DXP intends to provide financial institutions with a single powerful platform on which to develop a host of omnichannel experiences for their customers, partners and employees.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team Support

Finally, Liferay benefited from the support of the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team. The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team worked with Liferay on solution components and adoption phases for the move to OpenShift. They then helped onboard Liferay to IBM Cloud, offering technical assistance on Kubernetes deployment best practices, OpenShift container security, and integration patterns with IBM Cloud database services. The Build Team provided validation on OpenShift, IBM Cloud Databases PostgreSQL and IBM Cloud Db2.

After the functional validation was complete, the IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team helped Liferay with capacity planning in Kubernetes environments, advising on techniques to monitor resources for Kubernetes workloads, configuring workload scaling and providing optimal database tuning parameters for IBM Cloud databases.

The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team comprises of IBM developer advocates and deep technical experts devoted to helping IBM ISVs and Global System Integrators drive workload migrations and application modernization with IBM’s Hybrid Cloud & AI solutions. The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build team assistance can be secured as a benefit of Cloud Engagement funding. You can contact your IBM representative for more information.

The IBM Hybrid Cloud Build Team is ready to help GSI and ISV partners embrace Red Hat OpenShift on IBM public cloud.

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