What to Expect from an IT Project Review

Choose to begin with an IT Project Review if you are planning or considering some type of IT project (software, network, servers, storage, phones, etc.) and want to get an unbiased and accurate understanding of the skills, time, and cost required to make it happen. Our expert project team will help make sure you don't miss important details, waste money, or overestimate your capabilities.

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How an IT Project Review Works


Request Your Assessment

Our friendly Client Care team will get a
team ready to perform your assessment and
set up a meeting -- either in person or on
a web conference. When the meeting takes
place, your assessment team will carefully
listen to your situation and gather the
information needed to perform your assessment.


Receive a Clear Proposal

After your Project Review meeting, we will go
through the configuration process and obtain
clear pricing through our manufacturer partners.
We will also provide all of the project
documentation you need to make a confident
decision. Everything we do is intended to
deliver value - no wasted time


Celebrate with Us!

You’re now 1 step closer to IT project support
from InfoSystems Build. We promise to treat you
to a celebration you won’t forget. We love to
work for our customers, but we also love
to have fun!

How to Choose an IT Company eBook

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Download this checklist and report to find out how much damage the “IT professionals” you’ve hired in the past may have done to your network. You may be on the verge of serious system failures, and if you don’t catch the issues up front, the consequences can be devastating to your business.

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