What to Expect from a Cybersecurity Assessment

Choose a Cybersecurity Assessment if you would like a snapshot of just how secure you company’s technology is. Our Cyber team will benchmark your company against the Top-20 Security Controls and review the results with your leadership team so that you’ll be aware of exactly where vulnerabilities exist and how severe they may be.

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How a Cybersecurity Assessment Works


Request Your Assessment

Our friendly Client Care team will work
with you to assign a Cybersecurity engineer
and an account manager to visit your business
and dig in to your security posture. We don't
show up to "sell" you something. We show up
with top-level talent to give you real
information and answers.


Receive a Clear Proposal

After a Cybersecurity Assessment, we will create
an easy to understand proposal with clear
pricing. Everything we do is intended to
deliver value - no wasted time.
We took extreme care in building
our complete InfoSystems Protect program -
from the very first meeting to the proposal,
service delivery, billing, and customer
support - with no cut corners.


Celebrate with Us!

You're now 1 step closer to being secure
and confident. We promise to treat you to
a celebration you won't forget. We love to
work for our customers, but we also love
to have fun!

"3 Online Tools You Use Today That May Not Be Secure”

Download our report and you will quickly see how hackers are targeting every company through the online tools used by essentially every business of every size. Believing your company is not a target is exactly what the cyber criminals are hoping for. Companies who don’t take action are the easiest targets.

3 Online Tools You Use That May Not Be Secure eBook

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