What Is the Best Alternative to Public Cloud - AWS, Google, Azure

What Is the Best Alternative to Public Cloud - AWS, Google, Azure

The Purpose-Built Production Cloud

Every day, more companies move their production workloads into the cloud to take advantage of benefits such as cost control, business agility, and scalability. When it comes to cloud hosting options, there are a wide variety of choices, including well-known hyperscale providers such as Microsoft, AWS, and Google.

Hyperscale providers can be a convenient answer, but their services may not fulfill your business needs. If you need help managing your cloud environment, for example, hyperscale providers offer very minimal customer service. When you work with them, you are responsible for monitoring your own workloads and environment.

They also have very soft service level agreements that allow for more downtime than is acceptable for most businesses' mission-critical applications. Another issue with hyperscale providers is the quality of their hardware. Hyperscale environments are built with stripped-down commodity parts, also known as 'white box' equipment. This level of hardware quality is fine for non-critical applications or a test environment, but a company's most important workloads should run on enterprise-quality hardware.

Enter InfoSystems Purpose-Built Production Cloud

We saw the need for a cloud solution that worked for today's businesses, so we put our 20+ years of experience to work to create our own enterprise-quality Production-Ready Cloud. Our cloud hosting solutions are priced competitively with hyperscale providers, but we offer some key advantages for business customers, including:

- A level of redundancy and performance usually only available to large enterprise companies.

- Access to highly qualified IT specialists. Our team provides network and data center services for Fortune 50 size companies.

- Technology normally used for the most fail-safe and demanding environments.

- High-quality components that deliver extremely high performance in speed and reliability.

- White-glove customer service. We provide tailored and personalized services to support your business goals and needs.

Our goal is to serve as your business partner and offer you the kind of reliable, state-of-the-art infrastructure that helps you achieve your business goals and vision. We work with you to figure out what your business needs are and then create a purpose-built solution tailored to meet your requirements.

You can relax knowing that we will deliver on our SLA and manage the complexity and security of your infrastructure. With your technology in our capable hands, you can turn your attention to core business functions.


Here are a few key features of our Production-Ready cloud:

Full Redundancy for Production Workloads

We understand your business cannot afford to lose valuable production time. It hurts your bottom line and your reputation. We built our Production-Ready Cloud with the goal of delivering 100% availability. Our infrastructure has failover and dynamic swap at every possible level and is the region's only certified Tier 3 data center.

Annual SLA With a Commitment to 99.99% Uptime

The strength of a service level agreement (SLA) is a representation of the risk a provider is willing to assume. Alternatively, it can be seen as the confidence the provider has in the quality of a service offering.

Consider this: Many large-scale public cloud providers, or "hyperscalers," only offer a monthly SLA. If they fall short one month (which could mean a service interruption for you), they start the next month with a clean slate. That is not much risk for the provider to assume, but you run the risk of monthly service interruptions.

InfoSystems backs our technology and services with a commitment to 99.99% availability and an annual SLA. In other words, we commit to keeping your technology available all year long, 24x7x365.

Built With Enterprise-Quality Components

Hyperscale cloud platforms are created as a commodity offering, so they are often built using stripped-down, mass-produced equipment. Commodity cloud service offerings can be useful for some purposes, such as development and testing, but they often fall short of business needs.

Our Production-Ready Cloud is built for performance, reliability, and security to meet the needs of today's business operations. As our customers' needs change over time, we can easily expand with the same premium components to offer flexibility and scalability.

Using our 20+ years of experience providing data center and network services for Fortune 50 size customers, we created our own enterprise-quality data center. We can offer your business the same high-performance, redundant, and secure environment used by the largest enterprises, yet priced competitively with hyperscale cloud offerings.

Schedule a free Cloud Strategy Session with InfoSystems to learn more about our Production-Ready Cloud.