Taking Steps to Protect Your Business - Cybersecurity Assessments with InfoSystems

Taking Steps to Protect Your Business - Cybersecurity Assessments with InfoSystems

As a business leader, you're focused on ensuring the success of your company. The business makes crucial investments in resources, including human capital, necessary infrastructure, and required technology and networks. But how do you know if your network and technological infrastructure are secure?

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Understanding Risks

Cybersecurity is rapidly changing in the business world. As businesses adopt new technology within their networks, they must also adopt a more stringent focus on security.

"Cybersecurity breaches are here. They're happening, and it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when,'" says Rob Ashcraft, Cybersecurity Strategist at InfoSystems. "Security has become an absolutely critical piece for businesses - and not just for IT staff, but as a culture that companies must adopt."

InfoSystems provides cybersecurity assessments to businesses free of charge in an effort to raise awareness about the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches and to help companies mitigate risks.

This high-level assessment, based on the Center for Information Security's top 20 cybersecurity controls, evaluates a company's network security and processes. A team from InfoSystems conducts an in-depth interview with key stakeholders and the IT security team from the business.

Based on the interview and analysis of the network, InfoSystems engineers create a custom report for businesses and make recommendations based on the tools and software already in place. Many recommendations are for free or open-source solutions, and some deficient areas may only require restructuring. The InfoSystems team focuses on connecting businesses with potential solutions.


Reducing Vulnerability

According to Ashcraft and the InfoSystems team, common areas for remediation uncovered during an assessment are inventory and control of hardware and software, administrative privileges and access rights, and ongoing vulnerability management. These three areas represent potential areas of risk to businesses' network security - and Ashcraft and the InfoSystems team uncover these weak spots regularly.

By starting with a cybersecurity assessment, business leaders can better understand cybersecurity threats and work to reduce risk, building defense and depth against breaches.

"Our goal is to help business leaders see potential security threats that they weren't aware of and identify ways to mitigate risk," Ashcraft says. "There is no silver bullet, no solution or formula that will completely secure a network. However, we can work to continually identify and remove vulnerabilities, strategically reducing risk in your security posture."

Sign up for a free cybersecurity assessment before the end of the year and start the New Year with peace of mind for your business' network security.