SafeGuarded Copy with IBM Is Your Secret Weapon Against Ransomware

SafeGuarded Copy with IBM Is Your Secret Weapon Against Ransomware

Suppose you’ve been in the information technology sector for more than a decade. If that’s the case, you remember the days when computer viruses caused an onslaught of popup ads and necessitated a complete reinstall of Windows XP. Now, fast forward to today. 

As rapidly as technology has evolved over the last several years, so has the virus and malware industry. Gone are the days when an attack required a relatively simple (albeit frustrating) afternoon fix, as ransomware has grown into an industry that’s worth 25 billion+ in annual revenue.

According to a recent article published by Forbes, remediation costs for a ransomware attack grew from $761,000 in 2020 to a staggering $1.85 billion in 2020. “In just the United States, ransomware victims spent an average of $2.09 million on remediation costs,” the article states.

A recent report cites ransom requests ranging from more than $150,000 in late 2020 to more than $220,000 in early 2021. 

The Harsh Reality of Ransomware Attacks

Cyber criminals know that downtime comes with real costs. The groups of people involved in virus and malware creation have realized that businesses that rely on digital tools to function cannot be shut down for long periods without losing a tremendous amount of revenue. 

If a ransomware event occurs, you may be faced with losing hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Leadership may choose to pay off a criminal, as that $220,000 ransom request may be more cost effective than spending weeks trying to recover systems and clean infected servers and backups. On the flip side, you could try to avoid the payoff and be faced with tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, weeks working to recover — and, unfortunately, still end up needing to pay the ransomware fee. 

While this news may seem dismal, there is good news: Despite the rapid evolution of the threat landscape, you can take a proactive stance to protect your business against ransomware threats through a wide range of solutions. Today, we’re talking SafeGuarded Copy.

SafeGuarded Copy — The Backups of Your Backups

Ransomware often looks to infect your backup solution first before it infects the rest of your system. So if your backups are locked down by ransomware, you usually have no choice but to pay the fee. SafeGuarded Copy is changing that. 

The SafeGuarded Copy function for IBM FlashSystem and IBM SAN Volume Controller is designed to help businesses recover quickly and safely from ransomware attacks. If you have working backups, your options for recovery without vast financial loss are drastically improved.

SafeGuarded Copy automatically creates backup snapshots on a schedule, which are then stored with a logical air gap between them and the data they back up — in a location where the backups cannot be infected. 

In addition, SafeGuarded Copy backups cannot be changed or deleted, except on a planned schedule, which protects against human errors or malicious intent if someone has access to your network. 

If you’re ready to take steps today to protect your business tomorrow, defending against ransomware with SafeGuarded Copy is a strong addition to any cybersecurity stack. 

Ransomware is a problem that’s not going away, and unfortunately, should be seen not as an “if,” but as a “when.” Our cybersecurity experts have decades of experience in protecting businesses against ever-evolving threats. Contact us today for a consultation.

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