Run Your Custom Applications on the Production-ready Cloud

Developing custom applications allows companies to tailor software to their unique needs. Off-the-shelf third-party software may contain features that an organization doesn't need or lack functions that workloads rely on.

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Developing applications is a great way for companies to gain an edge over their competitors. The more you innovate, the more you differentiate the services you provide to your customers and clients.

As customers rely more on their mobile devices, organizations need to focus on developing mobile applications. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of people in the U.S. use smartphones. Developing analytics applications has also become increasingly important as a means of gaining business intelligence and profitable insights.

When choosing what environment to run custom applications in, companies should consider InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud rather than hyperscale cloud infrastructure and development platforms, because it provides the latest, most powerful technology in a multiplatform solution along with customer control, built-in services, and local support.

Powering Advanced Analytics

Analytics applications enable companies to gain insights from data that is gathered from business processes, connected devices, and customer interactions. Customized analytics applications empower your company to mine data for the information that is most relevant to your business goals.

Analytics applications are becoming increasingly advanced. Predictive analytics forecast trends so your company can be proactive about solving problems. Cognitive analytics formulate hypotheses based on all of the complex data processed across your business. IT infrastructure needs to evolve to keep up with the performance demands created by advanced applications.

InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud allows your company to run complex workloads, such as SAP HANA workloads, much more efficiently by giving you the choice of running applications on IBM Power. Unlike hyperscale cloud solutions, Production-Ready Cloud is multiplatform, giving you the option of choosing either Intel x86 or IBM Power servers.

The Down Side to Running Custom Applications On-Premises

Often, companies can't make the most of their custom applications by running them on-site. Today's advanced applications need a high-performance environment to work at their full potential. If your infrastructure has inadequate bandwidth or low input/output rates, bottlenecks will develop, creating a poor user experience.

Many companies don't invest in regular upgrades. They rely on legacy systems that have vulnerabilities and can't reach optimal processing speeds. These companies may be using equipment that no longer receives vendor support and maintenance.

If a breach, an equipment failure, or a natural disaster hits your primary data center, your applications can't run. Production shuts down while your IT staff scrambles to find a fix, and customers lose confidence in your company.

InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud has many of the services that you need to increase business continuity, data security, and data protection built right in. Our PaaS provides monitoring and management, backup, failover, and disaster recovery as a service at no additional cost.

For companies that can't move to the cloud, working with a managed services provider (MSP) provides many of the benefits of the cloud while allowing organizations to retain their on-premises resources. An MSP owns, manages, and monitors the equipment, delivering the same PaaS as a cloud provider, but on-site instead of virtually.

Taking Custom Applications to the Cloud

Platform as a service (PaaS) allows your business to avoid all the problems that come from running applications on-site. With IBM i PaaS, the cloud provider supplies all the resources needed to run applications. You gain access to the latest hardware, and the provider is responsible for any upgrades and support. The cloud provides an easily scalable and highly available environment in which to run applications.

Production-Ready Cloud makes moving custom applications to the cloud a snap. The solution eliminates the compatibility issues that companies often face when migrating applications to the cloud. Applications can be deployed in the cloud with little interruption.

Production-Ready Cloud ensures your custom applications keep running, even when your business experiences downtime. Your applications are protected through system redundancy and geographical diversity. When your primary location is impacted, your applications safely run in a cloud environment.

InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud allows you to maintain control of your applications and the data they process. You are guaranteed physical access to your resources, and we don't charge fees if you decide to remove your data.

Production-Ready Cloud for DevOps

PaaS can also be used to develop and test custom applications without disrupting your production environment. A testing environment can easily be provisioned in the cloud and dismantled once development and testing have been completed. With IBM i PaaS, your company can speed mobile applications to the market without cutting corners on security or testing.

Making the Most of Your Custom Applications

Custom applications help make your company more innovative, efficient, and profitable. They can be the key to optimizing business processes and user experience.

On the other hand, if custom software is running on an outdated and underperforming platform, it could be your company's downfall. Moving your custom applications to Production-Ready Cloud ensures they run reliably.

InfoSystems offers a Production-Ready Cloud that allows your company to run customized applications on the latest and most powerful platform. Our PaaS offering comes equipped with IBM Power servers.

IBM Power servers are equipped with 8 threads for 4x the bandwidth of its competitor, Intel. The speed and capacity of these servers meet the high-performance needs of your advanced applications.

InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud has built-in high availability and redundancy so you get the most out of your custom applications. We provide dedicated, local support for our cloud customers.


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