IBM Power9 for High-Performance Computing and AI

IBM Power9 for High-Performance Computing and AI

Facebook would be nothing without artificial intelligence (AI), according to the founder of the social media giant's AI research lab, Yann LeCun. "If you take the deep learning out of Facebook today, Facebook's dust," the chief AI scientist told CNN Business, "It's entirely built around it now."

It's clear that Facebook understands the business value of deep learning, or AI. Deep learning is embedded absolutely everywhere at Facebook, according to LeCun. Image recognition and content filtering are examples of the tasks performed by deep-learning algorithms.

The Business Value of HPC and AI

In the technological age, the key to maintaining your competitive edge is to deliver high-quality products, services, and customer experiences. AI and HPC have the capabilities to help you achieve these goals.

High-performance computing and AI are converging. AIs generate and parse vast amounts of data ― the more data, the better the analysis ― and HPC provides the horsepower.

The evidence for return on investment (ROI) from HPC an AI can be seen in market projections for both sectors.

Markets and Markets projects that by 2022, the HPC market will be worth $44.98 billion. According to Gartner analysts, the global business value of AI will be $1.2 trillion by the end of 2018 and $3.9 trillion by the end of 2022.

How AI and HPC Contribute to the Bottom Line

Here are a few of the ways that AIs and HPC work together to deliver ROI. AIs excel at pattern recognition, which makes them good at finding inefficiencies in a process, for example. This trait makes them ideal for business applications, such as those used for real-time data analysis, streamlining processes, and natural language processing.

Here are some use-case examples that show how AIs and HPC deliver business value.


We are entering the age of smart manufacturing, which is enabled by the merging of industrial IoT and AI. Factories can be equipped with intelligent autonomous robots. These robots work to improve product quality, production speed, and labor efficiency. HPC powers predictive analytics for maintenance and repair. Factories use them to reduce downtime and production issues by anticipating maintenance and repair needs. Maintenance becomes proactive rather than reactive.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Advanced machine learning can be applied in the area of supply chain and logistics to improve aspects such as warehouse administration, freight brokering, logistics processes, and fleet management. IoT devices can be used to track raw materials and finished products throughout the production process. IoT data can then be analyzed to detect production problems, such as bottlenecks, supplier issues, and shipping inefficiencies.


AIs can automate and fine-tune marketing messages. Marketing can be personalized to almost a one-on-one level, and messages can be sent at the right time for maximum impact. HPC gives the horsepower to crunch massive amounts of customer data to discover market sentiment. These insights can lead to new marketing approaches and product improvements.

Sales and Customer Service

One area where AIs are having visible impact is customer experience. By using AI-enhanced technologies such as image recognition, voice and image search, and natural language, retailers can offer high-quality and personal shopping experiences. Customers can see previews, customize products, and view overlays.

Across the board, organizations can tap into the capabilities of HPC and AI to gain business and customer insight, develop new products, and improve existing product lines and customer experience.

POWER9: Designed for HPC and AIs

Your ability to benefit from cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning and HPC depends on the infrastructure you use to run them. In other words, performance matters.

To maximize your investment in intelligent business software (ERPs, customer-facing workloads, AIs for business intelligence and customer service, etc.), you need a high-performance infrastructure. IBM POWER9 Systems deliver that performance. POWER9 was chosen as the backbone of the world's fastest supercomputer. IBM makes that exact same technology available for all business customers.

InfoSystems POWER9 Cloud: High Performance for Any-Sized Business

Cloud hosting extends the benefits of HPC, AI, and POWER9 to customers of all sizes. With cloud hosting, you set the budget and we deliver a hosting solution tailored to your business. Cloud hosting gives small and medium-sized companies access to the same high performance, reliable, and secure infrastructure used by big companies.

InfoSystems has become a trusted infrastructure partner to multiple software companies that rely on our IBM Power Cloud Services. We supply them with a fast, secure, always-on environment, which ensures that their resource-intensive software applications meet their customers' performance expectations.

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