How to Modernize Your IBM i (AS400) Server Infrastructure

Move to Production-ready Cloud Instead of Upgraiding Power Servers

Many companies are reluctant to upgrade their IT infrastructure. They don't want to spend the extra money it takes to acquire the latest technologies. Most IT departments are trying to do more with less. To save money, they hang on to legacy hardware and software. Some even try to cut corners by buying used and outdated equipment.

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For many IBM i shops, upgrading doesn't seem to make sense. Their IBM i boxes work great, so why change? As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." IBM i users are satisfied with the performance they get, and the code they have developed does what they want it to do.

Instead of maintaining the status quo, IBM i users should take advantage of IBM's dedication to advancing its Power Systems. The recent release of POWER9 is evidence of IBM's commitment to ongoing innovation.

With InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud, companies can compensate for years of skipping upgrade cycles and losing maintenance support. By moving to Production-Ready Cloud, organizations instantly gain access to the most powerful, advanced systems without the cost and risk of switching platforms.

Why Companies Need to Modernize

As reliable as your legacy system may be, failure to modernize creates risk and causes your company to miss out on innovations that could give you a competitive edge. Today's advanced applications and new devices need to run on high-performance platforms. If legacy systems lack bandwidth and experience latency, bottlenecks develop, slowing production and frustrating users.

Legacy IBM i systems may have aged out of vendor maintenance and support. If a problem occurs, your IT staff may not be equipped to find a solution.

Older hardware and software may have security vulnerabilities and lack necessary patches. Hackers often exploit outdated equipment to infiltrate your system.

These older systems are more expensive to maintain. Some companies keep their hardware for 8 years or more, requiring them to pay higher maintenance prices than those charged for newer equipment.

Modernizing in the Cloud

By adopting Production-Ready Cloud, companies can take advantage of the latest technologies without needing to make capital investments. The right cloud vendor will provide state-of-the-art server technology and related software. That way your applications benefit from high-performance technology that eliminates bottlenecks.

The cloud provider takes care of any necessary upgrades or patches. Your business pays only for what it needs at a predictable monthly rate. The cloud provider regularly updates its equipment, so your business doesn't need to shell out money for new equipment.

With InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud, your applications run on IBM i PaaS with built-in features such as redundancy, DRaaS, and high availability. InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud offers solutions for backup, data security, dynamic failover, and more. This means companies don't need to pay for these solutions to be engineered from scratch or deployed.

You also gain access to a deep resource pool of specialized technical expertise. IBM i specialists are more scarce than open systems IT professionals. Because IBM i has always been easy to manage, fewer employees were needed to run it. Now, many of these experts are nearing retirement. Outsourcing to a company that is dedicated to maintaining a trained staff of IBM i professionals is a strong strategic move for future-proofing your business.

Avoid Switching Platforms

Some salespeople try to sway organizations away from IBM i. You may hear arguments that IBM i is a dying platform. Don't believe the hype. These vendors want you to switch platforms because they lack IBM i expertise.

They may want you to abandon your trusted IBM i system for Intel x86 servers. This switch could mean sacrificing the applications you've already invested time and money into developing. A more cost-effective option is to enhance existing applications in a modernized environment rather than switching platforms and having to build new applications from scratch.

There's no guarantee that a platform switch will be successful. Many times, failed implementations result in the loss of millions of dollars.

IBM i is far from a dying platform. IBM is celebrating 30 years of the i Series and pledging to embrace innovation by continually adapting the platform.

By moving to Production-Ready Cloud, your company can hang on to an IBM i platform. You can transition to updated IBM i technology without having to rework all your code. If your code is working, why replace it? Instead, you can make minor adjustments, if needed, without having to reinvent the wheel.

Stay Current in Production-Ready Cloud

The IT landscape is always changing. New technology trends emerge every year. An outdated infrastructure shouldn't stand in the way of embracing innovation. With Production-Ready Cloud, your company can keep up with the pace of change without abandoning the elements of your infrastructure that work.

InfoSystems offers Production-Ready Cloud that enables IBM i users to access the latest in i Series technology. Our Production-Ready Cloud is equipped with state-of-the-art IBM Power servers, which enable you to process 4x the workloads at 4x the speed of Intel x86 servers.

When you migrate your workloads to InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud, you modernize your infrastructure without needing to abandon IBM i or recode your software. We provide upgrades, support, and maintenance to ensure your infrastructure is always up-to-date and available.


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