How IBM FlashSystem 9100 Opens the Door to Multi-Cloud

How IBM FlashSystem 9100 Opens the Door to Multi-Cloud

For a long time, companies were wary of adopting the cloud. Organizations were concerned about maintaining security in a multi-tenant environment. They worried that noisy neighbors would interfere with the quality of service they would be getting.

Now the cloud market is fully mature. An overwhelming 96% of respondents to the survey conducted for the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report said they use the cloud. This means the cloud market is almost at its saturation point.

Companies are also changing the way they use cloud. In the past, organizations would turn to a single cloud provider for all their needs. Typically, a business would choose a single cloud model, such as public, private, or hybrid, to meet its workloads and security requirements.

Today, businesses are increasingly adopting multi-cloud strategies. For example, they may use multiple public cloud environments from different vendors. According to RightScale, 81% of companies are using multi-cloud as their main cloud strategy.

To take advantage of the multi-cloud trend, companies need to provide the right storage foundation by switching to flash storage.

Why Companies Are Embracing Multi-Cloud

Many companies are turning to multi-cloud as a means of satisfying the cloud requirements of different regions and divisions within the business. Organizations can adopt different cloud models to perform separate functions or deploy public clouds in different geographical areas.

For legal reasons, some companies need to store their data in a specific region. They must find a cloud provider that offers infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in that region.

Multi-cloud also saves companies from having to decide between cloud models. Different workloads can be handled in cloud models that meet their requirements. Organizations can choose to work with cloud vendors based on their expertise in certain service areas.

The Challenges of Multi-Cloud

One of the advantages of multi-cloud is the ability to escape vendor lock-in by working with a variety of cloud providers. Companies may choose to work with several of the top cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or IBM. Or they may combine services from the top vendors with those from smaller local providers.

This freedom of choice creates compatibility challenges. Your current storage may not be compatible with all your cloud instances.

Managing and monitoring multiple clouds can also be tricky. Creating a complex multi-cloud environment may mean losing visibility into your cloud assets. Management is challenging when you need to work with many service level agreements (SLAs) that outline different vendor responsibilities.

Why You Should Choose IBM Flash 9100 for Multi-Cloud

To meet the challenges of multi-cloud, companies need to start with the right storage. The new IBM FlashSystem 9100 is the ideal choice for organizations that are adopting multi-cloud strategies. The newest member of the IBM flash storage family is an all-flash array that comes with built-in multi-cloud-enabled software.

FlashSystem 9100 has 3 multi-cloud solutions designed to protect and manage cloud data. These solutions include data reduction, business continuity, and disaster recovery tools, as well as support for containers and DevOps in the cloud.

With IBM FlashSystem 9100, companies gain a storage option that is compatible with any type of cloud. Organizations have the power to build multi-cloud environments out of offerings from any of the top cloud providers or local vendors.

Reaching for the Multi-Cloud

The first step to making the transition to multi-cloud is finding the correct storage to meet its management challenges. With its built-in multi-cloud capabilities, IBM FlashSystem 9100 is the right tool for the job.

FlashSystem 9100 provides multi-cloud protection and management tools while also delivering unprecedented performance for complex cloud workloads. Users will experience 10 to 500 times the performance of their current storage solution along with 2.5 times lower latency rates.

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Our specialization in cloud solutions means we can also take you on your journey to adopting a multi-cloud strategy.

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