How Flash Storage Helps Companies Transition to AI

How Flash Storage Helps Companies Transition to AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems like a future prediction. On the contrary, it's already here, transforming the way we process and interpret data.

Computers have gained the ability to think like humans. They can draw hypotheses and understand language. Advanced analytics enable computers to engage in deep learning and natural language processing using huge volumes of data generated by customer behavior, client interactions, or the internet of things (IoT).

Today, AI has reached a tipping point where it is becoming accessible for all types of companies. Insights from AI can be used to increase security, efficiency, and profitability for companies.

With the right storage foundation, AI is within the reach of even small or midsized companies. Adopting flash storage can help organizations achieve the type of performance they need to run the advanced analytics applications necessary for AI.

The Value of AI

AI has use cases in every industry. Every type of company generates data. With AI, this data can be leveraged to make better business decisions, increasing profitability and reducing risk.

Some AI use cases include:

    • Supply Chain Management: Sensors and beacons in IoT devices produce data that can be used to track the status of delivery trucks or monitor inventory in a warehouse.


    • Asset Management: Companies gain the knowledge needed to perform proactive maintenance on equipment located at work sites or in factories. Data gathered from equipment can also be used to make business processes more efficient.


    • Customer Service: Voice and visual recognition enable personalized customer service. AI can analyze customer histories and make purchase recommendations, upselling or cross-selling to customers. Customers that have great experiences with your company become loyal customers.


    • Data Security: Cognitive analytics can monitor network traffic for suspicious patterns, alerting a company of a possible data breach. Financial organizations can use AI to detect financial fraud.


    • Health Care: AI can be used to detect at-risk populations or track population health trends. The Guardian reported that AI can detect 50 eye diseases with 94% accuracy, sometimes outperforming eye specialists.



Why Flash Storage Is Ideal for AI

Not every type of storage is going to lay the right foundation for AI. AI applications require high-performance storage that can handle complex data-driven workloads.

Actionable cognitive insights require real-time data, accessed and processed just seconds after information has been generated. Companies need high-speed, low-latency storage to reach insights quickly.

Flash storage offers performance levels superior to that provided by hard disk drives. Flash enables higher input/output rates with much lower latency than hard drives. This prevents bottlenecks that might occur with cognitive workloads.

How Flash Storage Makes AI Accessible

High performance isn't the only advantage that flash storage provides. Cost savings generated by flash storage put AI within the reach of any company's budget.

Flash storage fits tons of memory into a tiny package. This reduces the amount of rack and data center floor space companies need for their servers. A smaller data center footprint means fewer operating costs for staffing, energy, and cooling.

When flash storage saves you money, there is no excuse not to make the move toward AI. By combining the right storage with analytics software, your company has the capability to process large volumes of data for cognitive insights.

Finding the Right Flash Storage for AI

Just as some storage types aren't right for AI, not every flash option is suitable. Luckily, IBM has just released a new flash storage offering: FlashSystem 9100. This exciting new all-flash array delivers anywhere from 10 to 500 times the performance of competing options.

With IBM FlashSystem 9100, your company will experience latency as low as 100 microseconds, 2.5 times lower than what the competitor offers. IBM FlashSystem 9100 is capable of handling 2.5 million input/outputs per second.

IBM FlashSystem 9100 has built-in data reduction capabilities, making the huge data loads necessary for reaching cognitive insights easier to manage and process. As a bonus, IBM FlashSystem 9100 has built-in multicloud capabilities, making it compatible with any type of cloud.

As a Premier IBM Business Partner, InfoSystems has the resources necessary to architect a solution for your company using IBM FlashSystem 9100. Our engineers are certified experts in IBM FlashSystem technologies. We can schedule an online or in-person demo so you can experience IBM FlashSystem 9100 in action.

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