Future-proof Your Infrastructure as IBM i (AS400) Experts Retire

Access IBM i Expertise

There's a joke in the IT industry: What is a legacy system? One that works and adapts.

If a system has flaws, companies switch to something newer and better. This logic applies to IBM i. Organizations hold on to their IBM i platform because it's reliable and adaptable. Companies have invested in code for IBM i, created by independent software vendors (ISVs) or internal programming teams, that currently performs the functions that run their business.

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The unique value of IBM i is that existing code can run on any new version that is released. This presents a major advantage over platforms that require applications to be recoded to remain compatible with system upgrades.

The 2018 IBM i Marketplace Survey found that the i Series market remains steady, with only a minor 1.5% falloff per year. Out of the 650 respondents, an overwhelming 93% stated that using IBM i resulted in a higher return on investment (ROI) compared to using competing servers.

The longevity of IBM i and lengthy tenures of the IT professionals who have been supporting it are creating somewhat of a skills gap in the current IT talent pool. As IT professionals who have been managing IBM i applications for their current company retire, they are likely to be replaced with younger workers who have only been trained on systems designed to run on Intel x86 architecture.

Some companies are outsourcing their IBM i needs by turning to managed service providers (MSPs). According to the marketplace survey, the number of companies considering outsourcing has increased 5% just since last year. As your IBM i experts retire, InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud is the best way to keep your mission-critical IBM i applications running smoothly.

The Impact of the IBM i Skills Gap

The longer a company holds on to its IBM i platform, the greater the chances are that it will lose vendor support and maintenance. Without this support, the IT team is left to fend for itself when a problem comes up. Successful troubleshooting might be possible if an IBM i expert is still on staff, but more and more of these experts are reaching retirement age.

The IBM i platform requires fewer IT staff hours to update and maintain than competing systems, but it also requires specialized knowledge that most younger IT professionals don't have. As business needs change and new technology trends emerge, companies need access to the IT professionals who can help modernize their systems.

Employees want to take advantage of a Graphical User Interface (GUI), but many IBM i systems still operate from a Command Line Interface (CLI). Customers also prefer to interact with web and mobile applications. Without specialized training, staff members can't work with IBM i to accomplish these necessary modernization tasks and enhance the system with new functionality.

IBM i Expertise in the Cloud

Moving to InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud gives your company access to the IBM i know-how that you are lacking. Today, IBM i experts are few and far between. Conducting a job search can be difficult. If you train someone in-house, he or she may take these newly acquired skills to the open job market.

Instead of going through all this time and effort, you can immediately access a deep pool of expertise by migrating to Production-Ready Cloud. When a problem emerges, you can reach out to your cloud provider for support and guidance. The provider will have an entire team of certified techs ready to help.

Taking Your IBM i Into the Future

With InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud, your business can modernize its IBM i platform. The right cloud provider will have the latest Power technology available. With newer Power servers, your company gains higher performance for more efficient handling of mission-critical workloads.

Moving to Production-Ready Cloud allows your company to benefit from regular upgrades without having to pay for them. The cloud provider takes care of all the refreshes and patches needed to keep the technology up to date. You can also access other services such as monitoring and management, backup, and disaster recovery that are built right into Production-Ready Cloud.

Production-Ready Cloud for IBM i

The IBM i skills gap doesn't mean you must abandon your trusty IBM i platform. With the right cloud provider, Production-Ready Cloud will enable you to transition to the latest IBM i technology without having to recode your software.

InfoSystems offers Production-Ready Cloud that runs on IBM Power. Any legacy ISV applications that your company built for AS/400 or other iterations of IBM i and AIX are compatible with our cloud.

With InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud, you gain the benefit of outsourcing while retaining control over your critical data and applications. We ensure you have physical access to your data, and we don't charge extraction fees if you decide to remove your data.

InfoSystems also gives you access to IBM i expertise. We build high levels of support into our SLAs. When you partner with us, you don't need to use a call center to get help. We have a local support team and 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operation Center dedicated to monitoring and managing our cloud customers.


Bridge the skills gap. Gain IBM i expertise with InfoSystems Production-Ready Cloud.