Fuel Innovation with IBM Power9

Fuel Innovation with IBM Power9

If your business runs on IBM POWER5, 6, 7, or 8, an upgrade to POWER9 could save you significant overhead and boost performance. The POWER9 processor offers double the speed of the POWER8 socket. Any business with an older Power architecture should see noticeable gains in price/performance with a POWER9 upgrade.

Desiring more performance from its servers, Google started considering a switch to Power architecture in 2015. Gordon McKean, the senior vice president of the technical infrastructure team at Google, said the possibility of a 20 percent advantage in price and performance was the primary lure. At OpenPOWER Summit 2018, Google confirmed it had deployed IBM POWER9 processors into its data center.

By making the switch, Google achieved the performance increase and cost savings it was looking for. Like Google, many companies are striving to squeeze every last drop of power out of their systems to achieve maximum performance.


Why Upgrade to POWER9?


Performance and Value

From the ground up, IBM Power Systems are built to take on the most demanding workloads, such as big data analytics, machine learning, security, and high-performance computing (HPC). While the Power architecture's acceleration has always been its big advantage, IBM has shifted into new performance territory with the creation of the POWER9 processor. Accommodating as many as 24 cores, POWER9 architecture offers up to 9.5 times the memory bandwidth of x86.

Incredible Versatility

The POWER9 chip comes with a selection of connectors for co-processors such as:

- GPUs

- Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)

- Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs)

No matter your workload requirements, a POWER9-based architecture can be designed to support them.

Cutting-Edge Enterprise Technology

With cloud-ready Power Systems, you can stay ahead of the workload challenges of tomorrow. POWER9 is easy to integrate into your organization's hybrid or private cloud strategy so you can accommodate your customers' changing needs. Plus, the scale-up infrastructure gives you the flexibility to address increased compute demands and the introduction of new data sources. Use POWER9 infrastructure to build a cloud that can handle your most data-intensive workloads.

AIX, IBM i, and Linux

IBM Power Systems scale-out servers are cloud-enabled and feature built-in virtualization. They are optimized to run AIX, IBM i, and Linux and come pre-loaded with operating system security patches and firmware that mitigate known vulnerabilities, including Spectre and Meltdown.

IBM i is a truly integrated operating system that uses secure APIs to connect to the cognitive capabilities of the IBM Cloud.


POWER9 systems are ideal for mission-critical, data-intensive workloads like SAP HANA. Your business can gain more resiliency, performance, reliability, and flexibility from a move to POWER9.

Designed with a focus on cloud deployments, POWER9 has built-in virtualization for complete cloud enablement. You can easily create a large-scale SAP HANA database in the cloud and serve real-time data with in-memory database processing.

Industry-Leading Reliability

According to ITIC research, IBM servers share the seat with just one other server hardware platform for highest ranking in reliability and earns the No. 1 spot for lowest incidents of downtime. IBM hardware achieved top ratings in every reliability category, including security, virtualization, and server.

If your company is operating on older Power architecture, now is the time to consider an upgrade to POWER9.

The enhancements to compute power and data-processing capabilities that IBM achieved between POWER8 and POWER9 has set the stage for a performance-boosting upgrade opportunity. By stepping up to POWER9, your organization could reduce overhead costs. Plus, you'll gain access to next-gen computing capabilities, including built-in cloud and virtualization.

You can also take advantage of POWER9 performance through our managed hosting service, without the need to make a significant capital investment. Move your infrastructure into a POWER9 environment and pay for only the capacity you use.


Speak with an InfoSystems Power expert to find out how your organization could benefit from an upgrade to POWER9.

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