Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Does your company have a partner and a plan to help it regain access and functionality to its infrastructure when a cybersecurity attack, natural disaster or other business disruption occurs? InfoSystems and our team of strategic partners keep you safe, strong and prepared.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

When it comes to protecting your infrastructure, hoping for the best doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, enterprises should think of cybersecurity attacks, natural disasters and other business disruptions as an unfortunate but very real consequence of conducting business in today’s digital marketplace.

But proper planning for an infrastructure “disaster” can be a complicated process, especially when business processes rely heavily on IT. For all of its advantages improving operations and communications, accounting for IT applications, integrations and requirements can slow down and hamper disaster planning.

At its most simple, disaster recovery planning means backing up your enterprise data, so it remains safe and accessible – even under disruptive circumstances. Disaster recovery planning typically entails duplicating and hosting the contents of an enterprise’s physical or virtual servers by a trusted partner. This ensures that your data is not compromised or lost in the event of a disaster and minimizes the impact on your business operations.

Enterprises, however, produce and transfer vast amounts of data and other sensitive information across their networks daily. Too often, this means relying on complicated backup and storage solutions that may or may not integrate well with other IT products. As a result, enterprises must manage the heavy workload these solutions require while also absorbing their high costs.

It’s little wonder, then, that disaster recovery is an unpopular topic. Dynamic enterprises understand that the key to selecting IT solutions comes down to speed, collaboration, and security. Disaster recovery planning, in turn, must also possess these qualities. When it does, enterprises can move forward in confidence:

  • Valuable data stays safe
  • Data can be transmitted, modified, and accessed quickly
  • You have a trusted partner to depend on for strong collaboration and guidance in the event of a business disruption

When copies of an enterprise’s data live in an off-site host, it is less likely that a disaster will impact both locations. This ensures that an enterprise will not experience a total or near-total shutdown due to data loss.

InfoSystems is an industry leader in helping enterprises determine the steps and actions needed to plan for disaster recovery properly. With cybersecurity attacks on the rise, and unforeseen, significant disruptions affecting businesses more often, it’s critical to work with an experienced partner that can steer you back to safe ground quickly and effectively.

InfoSystems utilizes our infrastructure for customers that need a disaster recovery site to store their data. We take responsibility for duplication, managing storage, and transmitting data on the customer’s behalf. Our storage solutions have robust data protection features that ensure a customer’s performance is unhindered and there is no disruption of service.