5 Reasons to Consider Power9 Cloud Services

5 Reasons to Consider Power9 Cloud Services

Get the high availability, security, and performance of IBM POWER9 Systems without the capital expense and maintenance hassles of an on-premises solution. We can offer POWER9 Cloud Services through our partnership with industry leader APSU.

APSU IBM Power Cloud Services

- Multiplatform cloud hosting for Linux, AIX, and IBM i

- Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for Linux, AIX, and IBM i

- Consulting and managed cloud migrations

There are many benefits to cloud services, including the ability to shift technology investments from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operating expenses (OpEx). By purchasing technology on a subscription basis, you can control how much you spend. However, it can be challenging to move business-critical applications and workloads from your IBM Power Systems into a cloud environment.

APSU has created a managed cloud solution specifically for IBM Power Systems.

Why the APSU Cloud?

APSU has a proven pedigree:

- Developed the first cloud-based service for IBM's Power i

- Endorsed by IBM as a trusted provider of Cloud and Managed Service solutions

- Developed Maximize, the most advanced system for IBM i management in the industry


Here are 5 ways that a move to the cloud could benefit your business:

High Availability

Medicine, retail, banking, and insurance. These industries have prioritized high availability for many years. As technology has become more central to businesses and consumers, expectations around availability have increased.

Today, high availability is important for any business. Your customers expect zero downtime. If you run your consumer-facing applications on IBM Power for its reliability, we can offer you the same (or better) availability in the cloud.

You can host your workloads in one of our secure data centers. Choose from a variety of tiered service options, ranging from alternate data center backups to fully managed high availability service. We can ensure that application uptime meets your business requirements.


Another benefit of cloud services is flexibility. You can choose from a variety of services to create custom cloud options to fit your specific needs. The APSU team has the skills and experience to deliver a fast transition to IBM production servers, development systems, and test environments.


APSU specializes in environments requiring the highest possible levels of security. Its clients include IBM and multiple financial institutions.

The APSU cloud is equipped with state-of-the-art security features and is managed by experienced security professionals.

APSU Managed Cloud security features:

- Protection against all exit points

- Network filtering with powerful intrusion-detection modules

- User-to-server security


Imagine on-premises data center performance from a cloud-based solution. That's the kind of performance the APSU Managed Cloud can deliver.

Designed using advanced IBM Flash Storage and the latest Power System server technology, we can offer low latency and extreme performance in the cloud.


When you buy an on-premises solution, you are locked into that amount of capacity, whether it ends up being too much (overkill) or too little (under-provisioning). Many organizations find that their on-premises capacity is too much most of the time and not enough during peak usage times.

Scalability is one of the great benefits of a cloud solution. With a cloud-based solution, you can have an IT infrastructure that scales and evolves to meet your changing business needs. Applications hosted on Managed Cloud scale automatically to handle peak volume demands. You pay for only what you use and avoid overkill.

About APSU

We chose a partnership with APSU because of the company's stellar pedigree. Endorsed by IBM as a trusted cloud and managed services provider, APSU created the first cloud-based service for IBM's Power i in 2005 and, in the process, developed the most advanced IBM i management system in the industry: Maximize.

APSU now offers multiplatform cloud hosting for IBM i, Linux, and AIX so you can run the software that your business needs, no matter the platform.

Explore the benefits of POWER9 and get pricing for IBM Cloud Services.