10 Reasons to Run SAP HANA on IBM POWER9

10 Reasons to Run SAP HANA on IBM POWER9

SAP is the backbone of your organization. It gives you the efficiency and professionalism to stand out in your industry.

Because your business depends on SAP, you know the end of support is on the horizon. By Dec. 31, 2025, all SAP customers will be forced to migrate to S/4HANA. Support for legacy versions of SAP will end on that date.

According to SAP, businesses should start their migration now. There's no reason to wait for the deadline and risk having last-minute migration problems or losing support for your SAP systems.

If you start planning for the future now, you'll have the time you need to make a smooth transition, with minimal business disruption. Start your move to SAP HANA now and stay ahead of the deadline and your competitors.

POWER9: An Infrastructure Optimized for SAP HANA

If you are like most companies running SAP today, you will need to make changes to your infrastructure to support SAP HANA. This makes it a good time to take advantage of the performance of POWER9 for SAP HANA.

IBM Power Systems were designed for high-intensity business workloads like SAP HANA. Make the most of the capabilities of S/4HANA with IBM POWER9.

IBM POWER9 offers:

- Unmatched performance for faster report generation

- Stability in a scale-up or scale-out environment

- Automatic compression/deduplication for reduced disc usage


Here are 10 reasons why IBM POWER9 systems are the ideal environment for your SAP HANA deployment:

1. Designed for the Cloud

SAP HANA can run either on-premises or in the cloud. Many forward-thinking companies are choosing the cloud for their SAP HANA deployments, for the scalability and flexibility.

IBM Power Systems servers feature built-in PowerVM virtualization and cloud enablement. With SAP HANA on a POWER9-based infrastructure, you can build whatever cloud environment your business needs, whether that's private, multicloud, or hybrid.

2. Scale-Out Environment

SAP HANA on Power gives you scale-out or scale-up capabilities in a rock-solid environment. As your company grows and changes, your infrastructure can change with you.

3. Unmatched Performance

IBM Power Systems are designed to handle the most data-intensive workloads on the planet. POWER9 offers 1.25 to 1.5 times the performance per core of POWER8 and 2 times the performance of x86 systems, which benefits in-memory databases like SAP HANA.

4. Streamlined Storage

Your SAP program is hungry for data ― and that's a good thing. The more data you collect and generate, the more insights you gain. On the other hand, storage can get expensive fast, so you want to store only the data you need.

IBM POWER9 comes equipped with automatic compression/deduplication, for maximum storage efficiency. When you store compressed files, you maximize your use of storage and reduce the amount of storage you need to buy. Efficiency in storage matters in cloud deployments, where you pay for the capacity you use. Depending on your current environment, you might see a significant reduction in overhead when you switch to a POWER9-based environment.

5. Reliability

Your company depends on SAP for analytics, reporting, invoices, bills, and customer insights. If SAP isn't operating efficiently, neither is your company. With a POWER9 infrastructure for SAP HANA, you'll have one of the most reliable infrastructures in the industry. IBM servers share the spot for highest ranking in reliability with just one other company, according to a survey conducted by ITIC.

6. Security and Compliance

You need to protect the sensitive business information in your HANA database. Plus, you have to meet compliance requirements for your industry. The security features in SAP are enhanced by the built-in security features of POWER9 systems, such as pre-loaded security firmware. With SAP and Power systems, you can achieve a high degree of security and compliance.

7. Accelerated Insights

Business insights are one of the main benefits of your SAP software. You can take advantage of POWER9 4 TB in-memory database capabilities and smart acceleration for SAP HANA. Potential advantages include improved system performance and accelerated document retrieval.

With real-time business insights delivered by POWER9, you'll have time to react to market shifts and consumer preferences to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

8. Fast Migration

For many businesses, migration to SAP HANA may raise concerns about time, expense, and disruption.

Migration will be easy for organizations that run on previous Power Systems. POWER9 has capabilities for live partition mobility, which makes it easy to migrate to POWER9 from earlier Power Systems.

If you are moving into a Power System environment for the first time, InfoSystems can help you with any aspect of migration, such as consultation, planning, and delivery. Our cloud migration process is designed to be fast and seamless, with minimal disruption to business operations.

9. High Availability

Because SAP is central to operations, your SAP HANA environment must be highly available at all times. With industry-leading reliability, Power Systems servers are optimized for Linux and designed for data-intensive mission-critical workloads like SAP HANA.

10. Secure Firmware

Designed for business software like SAP, IBM Power Systems are built secure from the firmware up. IBM Power Systems come pre-loaded with firmware and operating systems security patches that mitigate known vulnerabilities, such as Spectre and Meltdown.


SAP HANA in Our Production-Ready Cloud

Whether you already run on Power Systems or want to leverage the performance of POWER9 Systems for your SAP HANA deployment, InfoSystems can support your migration efforts. We have served as the preferred infrastructure partner for multiple SAP HANA on Power projects.

Run SAP HANA in our production-ready cloud and you'll have access to:

- IBM Power Systems servers

- Built-in redundancy

- Tier 3 data center with 99.99% SLA


Contact an InfoSystems SAP HANA expert to discuss your migration plans.