Recap: July’s IBM Storage for AI Webinar with Eric Herzog

Recap: July’s IBM Storage for AI Webinar with Eric Herzog

If you joined us for last week’s webinar with Eric Herzog (VP of Business Development & Evangelism, and VP of Global Storage Channels for IBM Storage), we hope you enjoyed the session! For those of you who may have missed the conversation, we wanted to provide a quick recap, along with additional resources you may find valuable as you navigate digital transformation efforts within your organization. 

What We Discussed

IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat in 2019 spurred advancements in storage, data accessibility, and runtime management. As AI and hybrid cloud computing bring simplicity to business processes, compute demands increase. But with solutions like IBM Spectrum Fusion and Elastic Storage System (ESS) 3200, organizations can seamlessly upgrade systems to become more flexible and scalable to meet ever-growing data processing needs.

Supplementary Resources

As you’re considering these solutions for your organization, we wanted to share some additional resources that may help guide you through the decision-making process. Feel free to share this blog with colleagues who may have missed last week’s webinar but want to learn more about edge computing solutions. And please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any specific questions or challenges your business may be facing.

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