ICYMI: Here's a Recap of February's Ansible & Ales Webinar with Red Hat

ICYMI: Here's a Recap of February's Ansible & Ales Webinar with Red Hat

Where is your company in its journey to digital transformation?

That’s the question David Marx, Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat, posed during last week’s webinar about Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform.

Marx explained that “digital transformation means adapting or leading disruptive changes in your market by using digital capabilities and innovative technologies to create new business models, products, or services.”

But what does that mean in a practical sense? How can organizations begin to approach such dynamic transformation? To start, focus on what Marx called the three Ps: People, Process, and Platform.

  • People: Increase productivity and synergy
  • Process: Reduce inefficiencies and optimize workflows
  • Platform: Coordinate automation and lower end-to-end costs

When deployed, automation unites teams and eliminates silos; it creates collaborative DevOps environments that accelerate your speed to market. As Marx demonstrated, the Ansible Automation Platform is the premier technology to enable transformation. If you’re looking to improve the accuracy and consistency of results and streamline process workflows, automation is the single most powerful force to unlock your company’s digital potential.

Prior to the webinar, Marx asked IT decision-makers to share some of the key challenges they face every day:

  • “I want to allow self-services to increase employee productivity.”
  • “I need to accelerate all aspects of my application delivery timeline.”
  • “I need to work consistently across old and new technology.”
  • “I need to reduce time to deliver and time to go to market.”
  • “I need to quickly enable technology services for my mobile workforce.”

These responses echo what InfoSystems hears from businesses all the time. The good news is that Ansible, coupled with the expert guidance the InfoSystems team provides, can help businesses drive innovation and see real, positive results fast.

Anything You Do More than 3 Times Can (and Should) be Automated

Thought about in these terms, the potential for automation to have a far-reaching impact across your business is clear. Increased efficiency, agility, and profitability are the hallmarks team leaders cite again and again. To illustrate the opportunities Ansible can bring to your business, Marx shared the following data:

  • Line of Business: $1.13M additional new revenue per year
  • Infrastructure Operations: 68% more productive management teams
  • Developers: 135% more applications deployed last year
  • Security: 25% more efficient IT security teams
  • Network: 53% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • IT Leadership: 498% five-year ROI with 5 months to payback

Given these results, it’s no wonder businesses of every size are eager to learn more about Ansible’s transformative capabilities. So, what exactly is the Ansible Automation Platform? Marx broke it down for the audience in clear terms.

  • Automation Fabric: Providing scalable, secure implementation for describing, building, and managing the deployment of enterprise IT applications across diverse architectures
  • Cloud Services: Cloud services that facilitate team collaboration and provide operational analytics for automating heterogeneous, hybrid environments
  • Certified Contents: Extends native platform capabilities with certified, support content designed to expand the automation domain and accelerate adoption for customers

Ansible is simple, human-readable automation. You do not need special coding skills to execute tasks in order and get more done quickly. Ansible is also agentless. It uses OpenSSH and WinRM, and is predictable, reliable, and secure. The ecosystem is deep and wide and touches IT Ops, Cloud, Network, and Security.

When you automate with Ansible, you move from the opportunistic to the strategic quickly.

If you would like to learn more about this revolutionary automation platform, contact InfoSystems today. InfoSystems is a proud Red Hat partner, and our automation experts are here to walk you through the entire process and answer all of your questions.

The InfoSystems team is grateful that David Marx could join us to share his expertise in front of such a wonderful audience. Thank you, David!

We are also grateful to Craft Beer Kings, who delivered a signature combination of delicious craft beer to each audience member – cheers!

As you can see, the Ansible & Ales webinar was a beneficial and exciting conversation about the opportunities automation brings to businesses, regardless of where your company is in its journey to digital transformation.

Get Started with the Ansible Automation Platform today.

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