Security Impact Reviews

Security Impact Reviews

Is your business protected from cyber threats? Evaluate your company’s risk of cybersecurity breaches with a comprehensive Security Impact Review from InfoSystems.

Security Impact Reviews

As a business leader, you schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure the fiscal and strategic health of your company and human resources. But have you considered the impact of cybersecurity threats?

Consider a Security Impact Review (SIR) as part of your business’s ongoing evaluations and assessments. These no-cost IT assessments identify vulnerabilities in your network and IT infrastructure that could lead to a cybersecurity breach. InfoSystems specialists assess your risk, identify areas in need of improvement, and provide remediation recommendations for  discovered cybersecurity deficiencies.

Protecting Your Business’s Security Is Our Mission

Cybersecurity breaches don’t just happen to major national companies — they happen to businesses in our communities. Unfortunately in today’s world, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” As businesses adopt and upgrade technology within their networks, leaders must also adopt a stringent focus on security. 

Through our SIR offering, the InfoSystems team creates a high-level review — based on the Center for Internet Security’s Top 18 Critical Security Controls (CIS/CSC18 v8.0) — of a company’s network security and processes. Based on our team’s interview with key stakeholders and the IT security team, along with other components of our assessment, the InfoSystems team will make recommendations in consideration of tools and software already in place.

As a company, our goal is to help business leaders understand potential threats and identify ways to mitigate risk. Through our SIRs, you’ll gain the tools and clear solutions for removing vulnerabilities and reducing risk of security breaches.

How Cybersecurity Assessments Work

Security Impact Reviews through InfoSystems will give leaders knowledge and awareness of potential risks to their infrastructure and network, as well as outline recommendations for mitigating risks.

  1. Q+A Session: An InfoSystems specialist will meet with your team to gather information and necessary details to begin the assessment. This can take place at your business or during a virtual meeting, and the initial session takes about two hours.
  2. Comprehensive No-Cost Report: Our engineers will create an easy-to-understand report and review it with key stakeholders on your team. We’ll give a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities, a guide for prioritizing these areas, and recommendations about how to secure each area.

Common areas for remediation include inventory and control of hardware and software, ongoing vulnerability management, and administrative privileges and access rights. In many cases, recommendations are for free or open-source solutions, or an area of risk may only require restructuring for increased security. Our team aims to connect clients with potential solutions to reduce vulnerabilities.

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Is your business protected from cyber threats? Evaluate your company’s risk of cybersecurity breaches with a comprehensive Security Impact Review from InfoSystems.

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