InfoSystems Announces Expanded Partnership with IBM Security to Provide Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

InfoSystems Announces Expanded Partnership with IBM Security to Provide Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, InfoSystems brings 27 years of expertise to businesses of all sizes through a variety of intelligent enterprise security solutions.

Chattanooga, TN (October 12, 2021) InfoSystems, a Chattanooga-based IT solutions provider, announced a deepening of its partnership with IBM to offer a full suite of security software for enterprises of all sizes.

“As organizations settle into their long-term work environment, new security challenges have emerged, while traditional ones still loom — cyber crimes like phishing, malware, and ransomware have all seen rapid growth over the past year,” said Kelly Nuckolls, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances at InfoSystems. “IBM’s suite of security products enables enterprises to stay one step ahead of constant threats and reduce risk to businesses, regardless of the nuances of their office environments.”

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, InfoSystems offers access to IBM’s entire lineup of security tools with service and support from a trusted partner. Specific solutions include:

  • IBM QRadar & QRadar on Cloud: Gain comprehensive insights to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to potential threats that can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Security: Leverage an open security platform to connect to your existing data sources to gain deeper insights and enable quick response with automation.
  • IBM Security Trusteer: Identify unauthorized access and activities across your entire network.
  • IBM Security MaaS360: Bring visibility, management, and security to end-user devices with seamless onboarding.
  • IBM Security SOAR: Bring greater clarity to your organization’s cyber resilience and response.

“IBM’s security solutions give IT managers the tools they need to stay secure today, while remaining focused on the future,” Nuckolls said. “We’re excited to offer the entire suite of products to our customers backed by our award-winning service.”

About InfoSystems

For more than 25 years, InfoSystems has provided reliable IT solutions to build and maintain strong and secure systems for both SMB and enterprise organizations. Headquartered in Tennessee, our trusted team of experts specializes in traditional infrastructure, IT optimization, and cybersecurity services, as well as next-gen solutions such as hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.

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