IBM Cloud Pak for Security Offers Specialized Solution for Security Insights

IBM Cloud Pak for Security Offers Specialized Solution for Security Insights

In today’s IT environment, the hard truth is that our infrastructure is moving to the cloud, and traditional security tools are often not set up to monitor public and private clouds together. This creates additional considerations for organizations expanding their technology stack. And as the list of new services an organization uses grows, so does the opportunity for security threats. 

Today's data is spread across a host of public and private clouds, as well as in on-premise servers and storage. Unfortunately, manually monitoring these tools is nearly impossible, so an organization that wants to stay ahead of constant threats needs a tool purpose-built for this problem. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is how next-generation companies stay ahead of threats by taking a proactive approach to security remediation and analysis in a multi-cloud environment.

How It Works

When security analysts log into the IBM Cloud Pak for Security, they see their entire landscape of security tools and data sources, including EDR, SIEM, networking tools, and cloud services. In addition, IBM Cloud Pak gives you a single window into your environment through a dashboard that provides insights on the latest threats affecting your environment.

One way the system can be utilized in a real-life scenario? IBM Cloud Pak can flag a user logged in to multiple sessions in different locations across numerous services. Instead of having to search across your environment to see where an unauthorized person has access, IBM Cloud Pak will have already taken action across all of your tools to resolve the threat. As soon as IBM Cloud Pak for Security notices a rogue login, it uses automation to kick off a remediation plan established at setup.

After removing the rogue user, IBM Cloud Pak creates a case that allows a threat team to analyze all the systems that a hacker might have gained access to while logged in as an employee. Teams will save hours — if not days — of collecting data across all the various systems an enterprise uses. As a security analyst investigates the breach, you can effortlessly search for specific artifacts across all of your company data.

In implementing IBM Cloud Pak for Security, you can expect: 

  • A reduction in your breach investigation and response time thanks to task automation and data enrichment across all your data, regardless of where it lives
  • Flexible growth as your organization onboards new solutions and users
  • Unified search across a multi-cloud environment that enables you to pull insights into a single console
  • Custom connections between third-party solutions, eliminating vendor lock-in

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is available as a SaaS solution or in your own data center. Contact us to learn more.

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