5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Inclusive Cybersecurity Platform

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Inclusive Cybersecurity Platform

Finding the right security platform to serve your organization can be a complex project. Wading through the countless tools designed to secure your network and cutting through the noise to understand what factors to choose when enhancing security is challenging for even the most seasoned IT professionals. But because your cybersecurity stack serves as the foundation of protection for your organization, making the right selections is critical.

IT teams are challenged by growing data volume, tool sprawl, and limited resources. There are numerous security solutions on the market, but many of them lead to vendor lock-in. Thankfully, there’s a new way to unify your security data and tools without getting tied into a single vendor: IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

Because we understand how vitally important cybersecurity decisions are to organizations of all sizes, we’re sharing five things to consider as you work to upgrade your cybersecurity stack, as well as how IBM Cloud Pak for Security can help you accomplish next-gen security goals.

1. Can you get value from your data without having to move or duplicate it?

Many security platforms only add value to your data if they can store it as well. From a privacy and security perspective, storing all of your data in a single location can create problems (and may become costly).

IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps you analyze and secure all of your data in its existing location(s). This enables your organization to maximize the investments you’ve already made while providing a centralized way to view and access all of your data.

2. How flexible are the deployment options?

If you asked ten IT professionals if the future will be 100% cloud or some sort of hybrid approach, their answers would likely be a 50/50 split. At InfoSystems, we believe the future is about options. If your organization wants to use a SaaS solution, you should be able to make that decision. If you want an on-premise solution, you should have that choice as well.

Different businesses have different goals, as well as varying regulatory requirements. Therefore, a solution like IBM Cloud Pak for Security that remains flexible to all needs will provide the right approach to grow with your organization. 

3. Does the platform integrate with third-party tools?

In 2021, tool integration is critical. With the variety of software solutions available today, it’s unlikely you’ll be buying everything from a single vendor. In fact, most businesses use security tools from multiple vendors to meet security requirements for on-premise environments, cloud storage, and applications. If that’s true of your organization, you’ll want to find a vendor that supports connecting and integrating with a wide variety of tools through a larger ecosystem of partners and APIs.

4. Can it automate core SOAR capabilities?

Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions are often positioned as platforms themselves — but they’re more robust when tied into your central security platform. IBM Cloud Pak for Security includes SOAR as a core functionality to help your security teams automate their workflows.

5. Does it offer a unified view of all of your data?

Your data is only as good as your ability to review, evaluate, and monitor it. Having to view information across multiple platforms and dashboards not only creates a greater risk of overlooked threats, but can also lead to minimized efficiency. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Security brings data into one view, freeing up time and offering a simplified way to monitor and respond to threats.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a revolutionary security solution that addresses all the concerns above and more. If you’re ready to discuss how Cloud Pak can help you improve your cybersecurity program, contact us today.

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