Mission Work

Clay Hale's Vision

Having watched his dream transform from an idea sketched out on a napkin to a successful business technology firm and IBM Premier Business Partner, President and CEO Clay Hales knows it wouldn't have been possible if not for the grace of God. It’s for this reason and countless more that he lives his faith in everything, including in business. On the morning of May 5, 1994, Clay and other founding executives gathered at the annual Chattanooga Prayer Breakfast before reporting to work on their first day as employees of InfoSystems.

The success of InfoSystems has opened many doors to philanthropic opportunities. While the company primarily provides primarily technology resources to international Christian missions organizations in areas of the world where none are available, it goes far beyond that. They don’t limit ourselves to clicking a mouse or pulling a cable, and they certainly don’t limit ourselves to merely writing a check. Missions is a lifestyle, and InfoSystems support employees who embrace it.


Missions in France

InfoSystems supports Brandon and Michelle Burch, who have moved with their four beautiful children across the globe to take on the task of church planting in France. Protestants make up only 3% of the population in France, making the French an unreached people group for the Gospel of Christ. The Burches have made it their life's mission to build churches and make disciples in this region. They do this by becoming students of the French language and culture, serving the local church in Meru, and praying for God to continue to open doors for them to share their faith.

Burches Family Missionaries

Missions in Nicaragua

In recent years, InfoSystems supported an employee on an evangelical mission trip to Leon, Naragote, and Lapaz Centro in the country of Nicaragua. Employees donated hundreds of units of packaged candy, toys, and personal hygiene items to be donated to the families in the villages. This trip was led by Abba's House (Central Baptist Church) in partnership with Voice of Hope Ministries in Leon to bring the love of Christ to the remote villages of Nicaragua where many have never heard the Gospel. A total of over 2,000 people accepted Christ as a result of the team's fiestas and crusades. The employee was able to lead a youth conference where over 20 students in a local church were baptized.

Mission work in Nicaragua

Missions in Hungary

We support our former founding employee Joel Dicks and his family's ministry through the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) in Budapest, Hungary. They work alongside team members to pursue their ministry objectives of outreach, church strengthening, team development, training, resource development, and cultural/language acquisition. Joel Dicks also serves as interim leader for teams still seeking a full-time leader.

Joel Dicks Missionary

Past Missionary Assistance Programs

  • Church construction in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • Remodeling of a ministry center in Riga, Latvia
  • Medical-missions project in El Corpus, Honduras
  • Network installation at the International Christian School of Budapest - Hungary
  • Distance Learning Center installations in Zaporozhye, Ukraine
  • Installation of wireless network and bridge over 1-mile distance. ABWE Budapest
  • Network installation and cabling at ABWE Regional Training Center in Budapest, Hungary
  • Computer technical support and training for 200 missionaries at Greater Europe Mission Annual Conference in Budapest, Hungary
  • Same for ABWE Central & Eastern Europe conference in Slovenia
  • Network installation and cabling at ABWE Regional Training Center in Odessa, Ukraine & Re-installation of the network following heavy damage to that building from a fire
  • Tech support for missionaries with B.I.M.I. for the last two (2) years
  • The tech support for Greater Europe Mission is in its 5th year
  • IBM/AIX Advanced Technical Expert
  • Enterprise Storage Specialist

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